Turning Toward Pain

We are constantly having an experience. This experience is the most important thing in the world. Often, we don’t like the experience we are having. When we don’t like the experience we are having, we turn away from it.  We turn to our minds.  In our minds we have an endless source of experiences.  We can remember anything from our past. We can imagine anything in the future. We can remember our happiest times and we can imagine our wildest dreams. Such is the capacity of our minds.

We don’t always go to these happy places when we are not enjoying our current experience.  Such is the power of the present. When we are feeling a negative feeling, that feeling fills our imagination. We see the past as creating that feeling and we see the future as a continuation of that feeling. Our limitless imagination is not readily available to us. Although we are mired in the present feeling, we are also trying to escape the present. This does’t work. If we are feeling negative feelings, that is our experience. That is all we have. We have to recognize that and surrender to the experience. We give ourselves over to the power of the present. Then, we get insight into the experience.

As we notice ourselves trying to cover up pain with pleasure, we have an opportunity to turn and face the pain. Only the pain can teach us how to make it stop. Children can run to their parents, that works for them. That is where the habits starts.  As we grow, we learn to stop running away.  We turn toward the pain. Our experience will let us know that we can handle anything. Our minds are vast.


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