Two Questions

1. Are you happy?

2. Do you meditate?

If you want to be happier and you think that Buddhism will make you happier, the best way to integrate the teachings into your life is to meditate.  Sit and sit and sit. Between sittings you can read wonderful, soothing words about how to accept who you are, how to be present in the here and now, and how to work with your circumstance, whatever your circumstance is.

If you are not feeling happy because of your circumstance, then sitting, doing nothing, may seem like a waste of time. You may think that you should be doing something about your circumstance.  Meditating is doing something about your circumstance. It addresses the root cause of your unhappiness. Meditation addresses your reaction to your circumstance. It does something about your mind.

You can be rich and unhappy or poor and unhappy. They both feel the same. If you are not feeling happy regularly and not meditating regularly, you should try meditating regularly. Meditation might give you the insight you need to change your circumstance. It will change your mind.


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