Two Sides

Even from a non-dualistic perspective, there are two sides to reality. There is good and bad,  joy and suffering, ignorance and enlightenment, self and other, life and death, physical and spiritual, light and dark, relative and absolute, happiness and sadness and so on and so on. It can be liberating to understand how we become captive on one side or another.

In our everyday life we generally try to lean to one side. We want good, light, joy, happiness, and enlightenment. These are all things that we have. We also have bad, dark, suffering, sadness and ignorance. Mostly we experience these ups and downs from a relative perspective. What feels terrible from a relative perspective is inconsequential from an absolute perspective. From a relative perspective, it can be devastating to find out that the person we love so much, loves somebody else. From an absolute perspective, there is only love, no self, no other.

When we are able to experience both sides at once, we are free to be devastated by our broken heart. It is our time to be devastated. When we know that the devastation is relative, we can handle it. The absolute is all around us. The moon shines brightly in the night because the sun is shining where we can’t see it.

We are physical and spiritual beings. We live and die. We experience joy and suffering. When we learn to live with our ignorance we become enlightened. The world is just as it appears, but it is something else entirely. Check it out.


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