Existence is such that we cannot even imagine how spectacular it is.  When we think about it, it becomes something else. Since we think all the time, we imagine the world to be just what we think it is. As we think and think and think we may even imagine that existence is something terrible. We may feel crushed by the awesome weight of the world. Those are just heavy thoughts. They weigh nothing at all.

When it is difficult to behold the splendor of the world, we only have to stop thinking. We stop all of our opinions about everything. We stop seeing what is good and what is bad. We stop worrying about who and what we are. We just take it all in, as it is. What is left, just beyond what we think about it, is amazing.

It can be difficult to stop thinking. It takes practice to see around, or through our thoughts. It is like jumping into a jump rope. If we think a lot it may be like double dutch.  In order to get into the jump rope we have to watch the rope, get the timing down and then jump. It gets easier as the rope goes slower. It’s the same with thinking. Watch the thoughts and then gaps appear. WIth thinking though, unlike jumprope, when we see the gap we are already in, no need to jump.

We can slow down our thoughts with our breath. Anytime that we want to, or need to, experience the wonder of existence, we just breathe out everything. Breathe out all of our thinking, breathe out our self, breathe out every last opinion, fear, worry, hope, then breathe in the world as it is. When we behold unfiltered existence, we may be filled with awe or gratitude or a sense that everything is right with the world. As soon as we experience that, we start trying to wrap it up with thoughts and opinions and it’s gone again. Of course it’s still there. It’s always right there. Right here.


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