Virtual Reality

What is reality? When we play a computer game, we know we are in a virtual reality. In reality, we are playing a computer game. In virtual reality, we are killing monsters. When we have a beach vacation, we are in reality. When our vacation is over, we say we are going back to reality. When we dream, we are in another kind of reality. When we spiritually awaken, we discover yet another kind of reality. If we think somebody hates us, but they really love us, then our reality is not really reality. It is not virtual reality, but it is virtually not reality. It’s really hard to know what is reality. It’s all reality.

If we think there is a monster under our bed and we look under our bed and don’t see a monster, then we know for sure that there is not a visible monster under our bed. We know that we thought there was a monster and that thought made us look. The monster was not under the bed, it was in our mind. That was a real monster, but we looked in the wrong place. The monster is probably some monster from a video game, or an idea that somebody hates us. That monster from virtual reality can have a big impact on our reality, because it’s all reality.

Because it’s so hard to know what is reality, we have to constantly question reality and make up new realities that fit what we find. Virtual realities are fun, because we know they are only make believe. Reality can be scary, because we don’t know what to believe. As we keep looking for more real realities, we have to make the best of the reality we know. We can’t become too attached to anything we think, but we still have to act on it. If we think there’s a monster, we have a look. If we think somebody hates us, we have a look. Our reality is not make believe, but made by what we believe, virtually. As we figure out what is real and what is virtually real, we need to be compassionate and kind. At least then, even monsters will love us.


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