What To Do After Enlightenment

So you’ve experienced enlightenment. Now what? Life can become kind of tedious after experiencing the great mystery of the universe. You can always recall the welcoming expansion of space and time, the merging of life and death, your feeling of occupied emptiness and connection to everything else.  There is much comfort in knowing for certain that you are falling with no ground. Once you have been swaddled in existence’s fabric of love and eternity, how do you find the energy to make small talk in the hallway?

Forget enlightenment. Why become attached to the dazzle in the mist? Go about your day. Eat breakfast. Stub your toe. Sit meditation. Imagine that you are really suffering, and wallow in self pity. Immerse yourself in your illusions so that someday you may be surprised  and delighted when, again, you attain enlightenment.


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