Without Beauty

Some people feel ugly.  They feel that they are without beauty.  It is a horrible feeling, and it has no basis in reality. The feeling is real. The thought that feeds the feeling is based on a limited view of beauty and a limited view of the Self.

If you think of yourself as the shape of your body, the positioning and size of eyes, ears and nose on your face, the distribution of fat around your bones, then your Self will have a physical appearance.  If you compare that physical appearance to some ideal of physical appearance, you will fall short. Nobody can live up to their ideal physical appearance if their ideal is not based on their actual appearance.  Thinking like this is problematic because it compares a false Self to an impossible beauty and leaves one lacking.

Although your physical appearance is real, and it has real world effects, it does not cause misery.  If there is a cause, it is the other way around.  Internal misery causes people to feel bad about themselves and then confirm that feeling by negatively judging their physical appearance.

Nobody, and no body, is without beauty.  If we cannot find beauty within, we must look for beauty without.  If you can see beauty anywhere in the universe, that beauty is within you. If you perceive beauty, that beauty is in you.  Even if you perceive non-beauty, that is a comparison to beauty, which means you are perceiving beauty, which means you are experiencing beauty. You are full of your experience. Your experience is beauty. You are beautiful. Beauty without is beauty within.

If your Self ends with your skin, then you have an inside and an outside. If you think that your beauty exists on the surface and inward, but it doesn’t include your perception of beauty in the world, then you could possibly believe that you are without beauty. Fortunately, there is plenty of beauty without. When you explore your ideas of self and beauty, you should be able to negotiate a beautiful balance.


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