Wondrous World

The world is an amazing place. The world is so wonderful that in order to survive in it, we have to train ourselves to ignore it. We have become so good at ignoring the wonderful things in the world that we can forget that the world is even a wonderful place. We may even imagine that it is a horrible place. When that happens we feel lousy, which confirms our suspicions about the world. With all the ignoring and imagining, we may miss what is real. To remind ourselves what is real, we have to stop thinking for a moment and just experience the wondrous world.

One of the most wonderful things about the world is the people. We surround ourselves with people that we love and then, in order to coexist with them, we ignore how much we love them. We focus on what we have to do. We notice things that annoy us. We think of ways that we wish these people would behave. Although we ignore the love, we know it is there. That can be frustrating and we may get upset because we are not experiencing the love the way we would like. Sometimes we even get mad at the Sun because it is too hot.

The good thing about all the ignoring we do is the world is still there. The love is still there when we’re angry. The Sun is still out there at midnight. To experience the world’s wondrous ways we just pay attention. It’s all around us.


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