Words and Worries

It takes a thief to catch a thief. It is the same with words and worries. Worries are based in words. Thoughts are built on words. Before you had words, you had only experiences. You did not worry what the next experience would bring. You did not worry about what had happened to you. Your preverbal life was lived fully in the present. Then words came along.

Once you developed language, then you had a framework for your thoughts. That framework makes you able to function in life. It also creates a lot of anxiety. When you are able to string thoughts together you can look reflectively into the past and speculatively into the future. Either way you look, you see your Self blink into or out of existence. That causes a lot of worry. Most worries are not about being and not being. They are more about being or not being good enough, capable enough, worthy enough, likable enough, right enough and those worries extend beyond you to those around you. These worries are all made up of stories that you were told and tell yourself. Those stories are all told in words.

The simple thing to do is to stop the words. Stop thinking. Worries will vanish. However, the first thing that happens when you try to stop thinking is that you start to think. You think a word or two. In order to work your way out of worries, you need some words to talk you down. The words that you are good enough, capable enough, worthy enough, likable enough are not enough. You have to be able to experience that for yourself. Words can tell you that you have a higher Self that is beyond all that worry. You can experience that Self by sitting still and minding the present moment. How would you ever know that if words weren’t there to point the way?

To experience that Self for yourself, you have to notice your worries, see the stories of the worries, and watch the words. When the words are making worries, make them stop. No words, no worries. Word.


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