Words, Zen, and Corn

Words and Zen are misleading. Corn is corn.

Once we learn to speak, words dominate our thoughts. They insert themselves between us and reality. Instead of experiencing reality, we experience descriptions of reality.  We constantly tell ourselves and each other how things are.  I’m using words now to tell you how things are. So you read these words and the words in your mind either agree with these words or reject these words based on your view of reality. If these words resonate with your reality, then you repost them, and they represent you (or your blogging persona)  to all of your followers. Yet these words are words, they are not you. That is how close language is to reality.

Zen, like words, also represents reality.  It is a way of thinking and being that helps people recognize the reality that sits beyond the words that represent reality. Zen practitioners use words and experiences to bring themselves into direct contact with that reality.  Yet when you experience reality, you realize that you cannot experience anything but reality. Zen then, provides you with all kinds of interesting thoughts and rituals to help you recognize what you are.  Zen is a finger pointing at the moon, just as the word ‘moon’ is a finger pointing at the moon. Zen warns us not to confuse the finger with the moon.

Corn is not misleading.  Corn is corn.  The direct experience of corn is enough. Sweet corn is delicious. Pop corn is amazing.  The kernel which could grow itself into more corn, can also be heated up, turn itself inside out and become delicious.  Waking up to our original nature, is not so different from popping a kernel of corn.  We can turn ourselves inside out and become delicious. We can only become delicious because we are delicious.


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