You Think You Think

When you think about thinking and think about you it becomes hard to tell what is thinking and what is you. Are you what thinks or are you what perceives the thoughts? If you think you are thinking, then stop. It is not so easy. As soon as you try to stop thinking all you do is start thinking about not thinking.

If it is not you that is thinking, then you are just observing. You are liking or not liking. You are an enjoyer or a sufferer, depending on what is being thought to you. If liking and not liking is also thinking, then you are a thinker again.

Your eyes see, your ears hear, and you thinker thinks. What is it that knows? Something has to decide which thoughts are right and which are wrong. Something understands what you see, hear and think. Is that you, the knower? It is hard to know anything. Mostly you just think you know things. There you go, thinking again.

It is clear that you and thinking are related. Either you think, or thinking yous (as in the the verb to you). English doesn’t exactly allow thinking to you, so your only linguistic option is to think you think.

As your heart beats and your stomach digests, your thinking thinks. What part you play in all of this is food for thought.


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